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 In The Beginning

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Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

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PostSubject: In The Beginning   Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:05 pm

Throughout the years, I have watched our numbers grow to a mighty multitude. Making us all a force to be reckoned with. However, our struggle has not been without its terrible moments. For us to triumph, we've had to make it past the odds which was placed against us- off the top- often on account of other people's pre-conceived notions about WHAT we were making music about in the first place.
Anyone who attempts to trace our roots back (musically), will see the works of many artist's and groups which probably never expected Devil Shyt to come about in the first place. As I so clearly recall, back in the day- when I was dealing with Black Market Records- I used to always hear about my music being referenced to as "That ol' Devil Shit"--- and I though how stupid it was that so many so-called "Hard-Core" Gangster Rappers which had filled their songs with explicit vulgarity and inhumane essences, was either scared to death of being labeled as Satanic... or- they would become so exploitive, that to hear their tracks- became somewhat of a joke to listen to. Causing me to laugh more than anything. i.e. "A thousand dead cut-up elephants in my luggage" or the likes of "Fuck with a psycho, you end up dead
Those who didn't live, drowned in a turtle's head" (no hate intended).
From The Flatlinerz, The GraveDiggaz, Ganksta Nip, and even Big Lurch--- To Brotha Lynch, Necro, and ICP... We have had to define our sound through the trials and errors of our UnderGround Brothers (and Sisters)--- and now that the stage has been set... THE SHOW MUST GO ON!
Our aims are as personal to us as the types of personalities we have. We are all unique in our own different way. Yet- We are together as 1 in many ways as well! Devil Shyt, as the sum of its parts- has a long road ahead. and the future has not been revealed just yet. There still remains much unresolved beefs, and petty little discrepencies that needs to be worked out. But- my personal opinion is that we are really doing a wonderful job at formulating what the fuck we are, and what we represent.
I myself- have sadly seen too many cats come along, that I had the highest expectations of... Only to realize that they were doing us all alot more harm than any good. Hindering our progress because they couldn't come to terms with their own ethical of moral conflicts inside of themselves. Allowing other people's expectations to dictate how they produced their art. Or, to simply state it--- they weren't real. At all. Still expecting everyone in the world to suck on their balls because they could rap 50 times faster than everyone else. (but not saying anything we haven't already heard 1000 times over). Somehow losing sight on the bigger picture... We as a collective whole are still paving the pathway for what is yet to come. And my expectations are still just as high as they were since day 1. We've really got something special going on here. and, I hold this just as close and dear to my heart as I ever have.
With that said, I want it to be known, that I have not been let down yet. Nor do I ever see myself being let down by this Genre. For, it represents me- just as much as I represent it. The Best Is Yet To Come! and, in time--- with the right seasoning in the mix--- when it is time to serve what we've been cooking up... I am certain that we will leave the world begging for more! The Earth's Stomach is growling to be fed this Devil Shyt. And I am a Chef in Hell's Kitchen. ORDER UP!

Fire devil
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PostSubject: Re: In The Beginning   Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:28 am

Devil Shyt has come a long way. I too have seen very many come and go. The one thing that keep us together is the love for the genre. There is nothing else like it! There's a lot of newer talent on the rise that is very good. I have been here for 13 years and I'm not going anywhere. Please use this site to help spread the word! Twisted Evil

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In The Beginning
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