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PostSubject: French Horror   French Horror EmptyTue Mar 10, 2015 9:32 am

Hello y'all

I'm Shampignon, a french dark rapper, and I wanted to share my music with some of the best devil shyt members I know.
In France, peoples are not ready to listen this styles of music and lyrics (all they want is Black Eyed Peas-like !), so I hope I would have more reactions here !

Some links to listen what I do : (my two last tracks) (my first album - I was 18)

Hope you will like it !
Don't hesitate to give me comments, it's a good way to evolve Smile

(In fact I'm a video technician and I do music like a hobby. I got no studio, just a PC, a mic and my dark soul ! It's why the sound of some of my tracks is not very good...)

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French Horror
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