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 Horrorcore Cds for Sell

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PostSubject: Horrorcore Cds for Sell   Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:01 am

I Got a Lot Classic Horrorcore Cds FOr Sell.
Write me a Pm, when U have Intress!
THX Killaz!

Here the List!!
Mastamind - Lickkuiddrano (Limited Edition) Two Items, One Still Sealed, in Wrap!
Mastamind - The Masterpiece
Mastamind - Hellrazer
Mastamind - TheMindzi
Natas - N Of Tha World
Natas - Godlike
Natas - Multikillionaire (The Devil's Contact)
Natas - Wicket World Wide.Com (Double Cd)
Natas - Life After Death
Esham - Tongues 2001/D
Esham - A1 Yola Cd+Dvd -Sold-
Esham - Dead Flowerz
Esham - Repentance
Esham - Sacrificial Lambz
Esham - Bootleg (From the Lost Vault) - Vol.1
Esham - Detroit Dogshit
Esham - Judgement Day Vol.1 Day
Esham - Judgement Day Vol.2 Night
Esham - Kill The Fetus
Esham - Boomin Words From Hell
Esham - Mail Dominance
Esham - Closed Casket Re-Release
Esham - Closed Casket
Game Insane - Game Insane
Game Insane - Trunk Tight
Game Insane - Tell Me Somethin
Jaxter - The W Town Psychopath
Midnite Click - Blackout
Claas - Anarchaic
Shy One - Where I Stand... I Will Fall (Amazon Rerelease)
Mars - Mars Attacks
Seperated At Birth - Nothing Like You
5th Power Ent. Presents: SixtySix Killz - Horror Dayz N Wicked Wayz
Ruthless - Strawberry
Professor Fresh - Shaken Not Stirred
Sutter Kain - August Underground -Sold-
Qrem Dela Qrem - Bastard Son of 100 Maniacs
Hyzteria - Novus Natio
Q-Strange - Strangeland
Marz - Gorilla Pimpin
Marz - Lung Fu Mo She
Walter Molder - Ominivore
VA - Race Riot
Necro - DIE!
Necro - Death Rap
Necro - Brutality Part 1
Necro - Gory Days (Limited Edition DVD CASE) Cd+Dvd
Kottonmouth Kings - The Green Album
Kottonmouth Kings - Greatest Hits Double Cd
Kottonmouth Kings - Cloud Nine
Kottonmouth Kings - High Society [Broken Cd Case]
SRH Presents - Supporting Radical Habits
Shaggy 2 Dope - F.T.F.O
Insane Clown Posse - The Great Milenko
Insane Clown Posse - The Amazing Jeckel Brothers
ABK aka Anybody Killa - Hatchet Warrior
Blaze Ya Dead Homie - 1 Less G In The Hood (Deluxe G Edition)
Grave Plott - The Plott Thickens [Autographed from Killa C & Liquid Assassin]
Grave Plott - Puttin U In
Killa C - MurdaEyez [Papschuber]
Killa C - The Book Ov Time [Autographed from Killa C]
Killa C - Old Skewl Killa
Killa C - Tainted Flesh [Autographed from Killa C] CD+DVD
Liquid Assassin - The Lost Chapters
Liquid Assassin - Apocalypse [Autographed from Liquid Assassin]
Liquid Assassin - The Mixtape Volume One
V-Sinizter - Hunting Season Annihilation
Hellusin8 - Hell'z Fury
Dosia Demon - Greatest Hits 2000-2008
Cretins - Cretinism
Fortean Phenomena - Spaced Out
Hex - Lyrikillz
Hex - Gates Of Hell
Hex - Blunt Raps CD ONLY
L.U.Cipha - Keystoned
L.U.Cipha - Mental Helth
B-Tite - Satans Soldier
Postmortem - Last of A Dying Breed

And if u have also Intress on Rap Cds look here, write me also a Pm

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Horrorcore Cds for Sell
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