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 I'm baaaaaaackkkkk

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PostSubject: I'm baaaaaaackkkkk   Fri Oct 04, 2013 3:17 pm

It's been a long while since I have been on here but I got some decent bombshells for everyone. Right now I am signed to two labels: ON EDGE RECORDS, The Home of RAVEN HUNTER, MR. CHACHI, and CUTTHROAT.

And I am now signed onto and working on my debut for SEV'RD NERVEZ MUSIC: The Home of The J. Hexx Project and Majin which should be available next year.

Also for all of you Self-Titled, Self-Inflicted fans, the Re-Opened Version is NOW FOR SALE on the On Edge Records store for $5.25 + Shipping and Handling.

I will be dropping a new EP, Re-Awakening late 2013 for free download and special edition hard copies will be for sale that will include an alternate version of a track and a BONUS TRACK.

Also, I will no longer be doing free verses. My verses are now $25 for a 16 bar.

I also have a few links for you to check out Wink
The OFFICIAL On Edge Records site
The OFFICIAL On Edge Records Facebook
The OFFICIAL Sev'rd Nervez Music facebook
Official RAVEN HUNTER facebook
The Official CUTTHROAT facebook
The Official J. HEXX PROJECT facebook
The Official MAJIN facebook
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I'm baaaaaaackkkkk
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